My name is Kai Jaeger. I am a German-based independent freelance APL consultant.

Since 1980 I have implemented all sorts of commercial applications with APL in an approach which is now called “Agile Software Development”.

APL is one of the oldest (in terms of age) and youngest (in terms of concepts) of all programming languages. APL is not only the most productive of all programming languages, it is probably also the one which provides the greatest fun factor to its users.

I’ve worked for 9 large companies, 2 mid-sized and a couple of small businesses. The result is a wide range of experiences in all sorts of industries.

Because I am addicted to the programming language APL I am devoting a significant part of my spare time to APL-related projects; in particular supporting Open Source projects related to Dyalog APL:

  • the APLTree project; its aim is to create a free library for Dyalog APL programmers.
  • the APL-cations project; applications written in Dyalog APL that support the Dyalog APL programmer during the development cycle or may be of use in other ways.

German is my native language, and I am proficient in English. I hold German and British citizenship.

Please contact me by e-mail: kai@kai-jaeger.de